Cobols progeny at 18 months of age

These videos illustrate the gaiting influence of "Btxd N Btwn" sire of Ch Alaqadar Cobol. This video was taken when"George" was ten and a half years, note how he still through steps and his tail unfurls with each and every step. He carries his head proudly without the need for lead control..

"Cobol" is a son of George.
 Sire of the pups below.........
 This is Cobols only litter, he is now
 nine years.

"M and Q" are sired by Cobol, now 17 months, both pups through step, and carry there heads naturally and proudly (high).   "M" is a compact squarer bitch. "Q" is slightly longer cast. Both pups were loose gangley pups. "Q" is the pup used in the head carriage essay, and illustrates how time is necessary for this breed to mature. We anticipate "Q" will require another twelve plus months, before he is fully mature, and we see the full potential. This Line is a slow maturing line.

   Moonraker and Pussy Galore at 17 months.. Watch the enthusiasm of "Cleo" whose powerful gait is very different from conventional afghan action, where the front and rear limbs make ground contact simultaniously.    In "Cleo's" case the hind leg makes land contact several milliseconds prior to the front limb making ground contact. Note how the front acts more as a lifting device, and how the limb gathers and collects in sequence and completes the cycle in unison with the hind quarter, creating two straight columns of balanced reach and drive. Head naturally held  high.   "Cleo" is presented on a loose lead, and having a great time to boot.


This lines Head Type and where it probably originates.


"M" doing her thing.

The Four Australian siblings

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Our latest litter, Jag and Cimabue

Jag-Cimabue puppies gaiting at 20/21 weeks