The Australian Afghan Hound Standard requires:  "The Afghan Hound MUST carry its head proudly"
This is a survial trait, a unique breed characteristic.     This is your trump card, use this breed feature to its   fullest. Its the one attribute no other breed has, this in conjunction with this breeds amazing gait, makes the Afghan Hound Nature’s ultimate show dog.                 
It is imperative you encourage your puppy to present its high head carriage, this will automatically set your pup apart from all other breeds.
When trotting never travel faster than the pup can comfortably    achieve. Never force, or pull the pup, or the pup is required     to  side track, or over step to maintain your speed. Encourage     your pup to look up and focus, for show ring training.        
Pups grow fast, their bones, joints and cartledges are green.     These joints can easily be damaged by aggressive win at all      costs handling. Remember the show ring should be lots of fun. Pups begin to develop their mature balance and synchronicity   around 12-15 months, this is normally  completed by 2 years.      Some pups are awkward and do not achieve their full potential   and maturity until 2+ years,      Do not give up on your pup.                
Always use a loose lead, keep your dog fit and healthy, lots   of free running and exercise. A fit healthy Afghan can trot        much faster than you can, (unless you are and elite athlete). Afghans love to play, encourage this. Build the best possible  bond between you and your dog, this also goes for your         handler, (if this be the case). Always maintain a stimulating     environment for your dog. Afghans by nature are playful.       
Puppy Training
When lead training  always provide a loose soft lead, dangle the lead low under the chin, this will encourage head carriage. Talk and maintain a rapport with your pup, reward your pup,   when it responds, acknowledge verbally. Pat with the               occasional morsel reward, this will help build focus and            positive response.