In this video clip, this dog is stepping out with a 2.2 metres overall stride.       
(The white bars are 1 metre with a 1 metre spacing)  
This is the full flying trot, Observe how the dog is air borne for the same
duration as ground contact.    His head is carried high and he is enjoying
the challenge of  trotting with this athlete, who was clocking 15km per   
hour.   The test here was to establish how fast the dog could continue to
execute this gait before he would break into a canter or gallop, when he
exceeded 15kph he broke. A fast ring gait is around half this speed.       
         Note how the tail is swaying from side to side with each and every stride,       
close observation will also show slight unfurling of the ring in the tail.     
See how the reach and drive  cycle complete similtaneously.                  

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