Open Show 2002 : Judge, Miss Meredith Clegg's Critique


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Baby Puppy Dog  : Malisco Whatsit Toyou         Baby Bitch : Malisco Whatsit Allabout   
1. Malisco Whatsit Toyou (D E & L J Grubb)
BM Gold, overall a pleasing shape, would prefer a little less length of loin, balanced head with dark eye, angulated front with good sized feet, well angulated hindquarters, held himself together on the move. Best Baby Puppy
2. Malisco What Else (D E & L J Grubb)
B&T, close in type to no.1, well balanced head and correct eye shape, well angulated fore and aft, not as good in topline today, free moving.
3. Malsico Whats Happening (D E & L J Grubb)
BM Gold, similar to his brothers, has an appealing head and eye, quite well angulated, would prefer better topline.
1. Malisco Whatsit Allabout (DE & LJ Grubb)
When this B&T got her act together she had a good outline, although longer than I would prefer. Pretty head, dark eye, good sized feet, quite well angulated fore and hindquarters, reasonable topline at this age, correct tail set.
2. Malisco Whats Doing (DE & LJ Grubb)
BM gold, pleasing head with dark eye. reasonable angulation on fore and hind quarters, preferred the overall shape of no. 1.
3. Flamz Charm Otopaz (Hayden & Simpson)
Brindle pretty head with dark eyes and an appealing expression, moderately angled front, deep brisket, well angulated hindquarters, tail set a little too high and carried to far forward, would prefer more balance overall.

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Junior Dog Alaqadar Cobol      Junior Dogs                                           Junior Bitches
1. Alaqadar Cobol (Alaqadar Knls)
BM gold sable dog, pleasing outline, long, balanced, but rather strong head with extremely dark, triangular eyes, good length of neck, well sloped shoulders that could be set further back, moderate depth of brisket, level topline, adequately angled hindquarters with well let down hocks, tail a little lacking in length. Balanced on the move. Best Junior
2. Sadozai Warrior Baron (A J Rogers)
A free moving, cream dog with spring. Head is balanced with dark, triangular eyes. Good length of neck, correctly angulated and well placed forequarters with a deep brisket, but a little narrow in front with elbows held tightly in, topline a little loose, well angulated hindquarters and correct tail placement and carriage. Longer cast than no.1.
3. Alaqadar Matrix (F & M Gillett)
BM gold dog, long & lean head, dark eye, reasonable length of neck, front reasonably angulated but could be better set back, moderate depth of chest, level topline, reasonably angled hindquarters, tail carried over back.
1. Alaqadar Xara (Alaqadar Knls)
BM gold, dignified with an oriental expression, front reasonably well angulated but I would prefer set back further, deep brisket, level topline, moderate hind angulation, well let down hocks, rather broad back and tail too short. Moved with style.
2. Affyghan Irresistable (C Graham)
Taller, brindle bitch, longer cast. Pretty head, with a dark eye, reasonably angled forequarters, topline off level, hindquarters well angled with hocks well let down, good tail with correct ring. She was a little too distracted to perform today.
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1. Alaqadar Casablanca (Grubb & Bettis)
Well presented gold dog with dignity, appealing head with dark, triangular eyes, long neck with proud head carriage, well angulated hindquarters, deep chest, level topline, correctly set and ringed tail. Movement is balanced, although would prefer it to be smoother. Best Dog, Runner Up Best in Parade.
2. Alaqadar Helvetica (Z.Gillett)
Cream dog with a strong head, dark eye, good neck, moderately angled forequarters that could be set further back , topline level, excellent tail set, ring and carriage.
3. Kjavu Jet Jetson (Hayden & Simpson)
A stylish black dog that has many pleasing features, including a smooth, springy gait. Clipped saddle. Size was the issue in the overall placings.
1. Calahorra Country Club (Japhia Knls)
A well coated cream bitch, deeply saddled, that has an ideal outline on the stack with good angles, long neck and a level topline. Head is very appealing with dark, well shaped eyes. Would prefer deeper brisket. Good sized feet and well let down hocks. Overall shape and sweep of hindquarters won it for her today.
2. Tahkira Strike Me Lucky (King & Ferguson)
A sound BM gold bitch with style and elegance. Lovely long head with gorgeous dark eyes and oriental expression. Long neck, well angulated forequarters with deep brisket. Would prefer more angulation behind. Good tail with correct ring. Moved out well with a smooth balanced gait. It was a very close decision in this class.

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Best Exhibit : Rudiki In The Springtime.    Open Dog                      Open Bitches
1. Alaqadar Luke Skywalker (E A Cousins)
A arrogant, yet dignified ShM gold sable that presents a balanced and appealing outline on the stack, has a stronger head with reasonably dark eyes, a well angulated front that I would prefer more set back and moderate depth of brisket, level topline, moderately angled hindquarters, good tail that is well set on. Proud carriage on the move.
2. Calahorra Lake Michgan (C & D Redgewell)
Brindle dog with an exquisite beard and a gentle, dignified appearance. Head is well balanced but strong, with dark, traingular eyes, the front adequately angulated but set too far forward, topline drops on the move, chest is deep but too narrow with elbows held in, well set on tail with ring.
1. Rudiki In The Springtime (J. Sabo)
An extremely honest B&S bitch, good head with dark eye, well angulated front which is reasonably well laid back, good deep brisket, level topline on the stack, well angulated hindquarters, smooth and balanced movement. Best Bitch, Best in Parade.
2. Alaqadar Princess Leia (E A Cousins)
SM gold with an excellent head and oriental expression, dark triangular eye, carries herself with great dignity, front is well angled but I would prefer it set further back, topline can be off level on the stack, deep chest and well angulated hindquarters. Not as free moving as no. 1.
3. Malisco Classic Dancer (C & D Redgewell)
Beautifully presented SM gold with dark saddle. Lovely head with dark eye. Good length of neck. Front nicely angulated but could be set further back, level topline, well angulated hindquarters but not as sound on the move as 1 & 2.

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